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172 Cowper street (next to NAB)
Warrawong, NSW 2502

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We provide thorough eye examinations and the latest in glasses, prescription or non-prescription sunglasses, contact lenses, magnifying glasses for the visually impaired and much more. please visit our website or contact our store for more information.

Contact Lenses

if you have a high degree of myopia (shortsightedness), hyperopia (longsightedness), or astigmatism, and been told that you can't wear contact lenses, it is time to come and see us at Precise Vision.


If you are over 40 and don't want to wear glasses for reading and far distance, we at Precise Vision can prescribe you multifocal contact lenses.


If you are suffering from dry eyes, irritated eyes due to allergy or soft contact lens wear, you will benefit from scleral lenses.


Some cases of dry or irritated eye can be treated with Bandage contact lenses. Please come and see us at Precise Vision to see if your eyes are suitable for bandage contact lenses.


 With modern technology we are able to fit most prescriptions with contact lenses.  Contact lenses are a foreign object that you place on your eye, so it is very important that you follow the right procedures taught to you by the optometrist and that your eyes are regularly checked by the optometrist so as to minimise any risk of eye infection and impact on your vision. If you follow these instructions they are quite safe to wear. We use the latest technology to thoroughly assess your eyes before you start wearing them and then monitor the health of your eyes as you wear them. So whether you would like to wear contact lenses full time or just on social occasions or when playing sports or if you would like coloured contact lenses we can provide a solution to match your needs. There are a variety of contact lens options including disposable, extended wear which you can even sleep with, and more. Please ask us for more details.


Contact lenses

keratoconus diagram

eye with keratoconus


If you have ordered contact lenses from us before, you can reorder your contact lenses by sending us an email info@precisevision.com.au, or by calling us, or just coming in.