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Ortho K (Suitable for children and adults)


  • Do your kids wear glasses?
  • Do they need stronger lenses all the time?
  • Please read on, this could literally save their eyesight.

Myopia (shortsightedness) Prevention:                                                            

With the increased use of digital devices, young people are becoming more myopic or shortsighted. High or even moderate levels of myopia significantly increase the risk of serious and blinding eye conditions such as Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma and Retinal Detachment. 

Orthokeratology will stop or at least slow down the eyesight deterioration in children and teenagers.

Myopic deterioration usually slows down by mid to late 20's. However, it's during the critical growing up years that we need to slow down the deterioration BEFORE it gets to a high level.
Once myopia is stabalised at a low level and the risk of serious eye disease is minimised, you can go back to glasses, contact lenses, or do Laser eye surgery.


An added benefit of Ortho k is freedom from glasses. This is good for the kids confidence.



If the right procedures are followed, Ortho K is very safe. Its risk is no greater than the risk of wearing ordinary contact lenses. Like anything else, Ortho K is not 100% risk free, but in the long run, it's risk is far less than the risk of developing Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma and Retinal Detachment as a result of uncontrolled myopia.


Ortho K is adjustable at any time. If your eyesight is still changing slightly, we can simply adjust the treatment. It is not permanent like Laser eye surgery. In Laser surgery for eyes, the eye tissue is permanently removed, so if your eye changes you can not get that tissue back. In Ortho K, NO eye tissue is removed, it's just temporarily reshaped, that's why it's adjustable. You can even go back to your glasses anytime you like.


Please encourage your children to spend less time on digital devices, and more time outdoors. This will also help slow down the progression of myopia.




Convenience for adults:
OrthoK.jpg - large

Ortho K is also good for adults who don't want to wear glasses or can't tolerate contact lenses because of eye irritation, dry eyes, playing sports, etc. it's an alternative to Laser eye surgery.


At Precise Vision we have the expertise and technology to deliver this treatment for your eyes. 


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Please contact us today to see how we can help to save your child's eyesight.



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