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Our clients say


I just wanted to thank you Ray for the reassurance I was given at your clinic last week. I had a problem with my right eye and was worried something was behind it. Thanks to your up to date scans and equipment I was reassured that there was nothing growing behind the eye. The new Optical Coherence Tomographer was a pain free experience, and to see the coloured images of the back of my eyes was amazing. You explained every detail of the images, and it was good to compare with the last scan you had taken a year before with another machine. This reassured me that there was no change in the eye area. It is great to be able to go into your clinic and have my Macula and Glaucoma tested also. The variety of lenses and frames are amazing, such as Dior, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and many more, all my favourite brands. It was hard to decide as you have many choices.


 May I also say thanks to Kristina who is at the front counter. She has a lovely phone manner when I make an appointment, and is so pleasant  and very patient helping me choose my new frames. 

 I really recommend all my family and friends to you as the service they will receive will be excellent. Thank you for keeping up with the most up to date equipment as it helps find eye disease before it becomes serious.



Cheryl Collinson-Smith 





Hello, my name is Kathy Demertzis and my son Mark, who is now 14 has been in
need of corrective eyewear since the age of 8. When my son Mark was
diagnosed with astigmatism, I was devastated to know that his eyesight could
progressively become worse with each passing year.
Needing Glasses, I took Mark and went off to Precise Vision in
Warrawong, and saw Ramin Bayani. The service was second to none. The prices
were very reasonable and the helpful advice was exceptional. I couldn't more
highly recommend that you visit Precise Vision the next time you are in need
of prescription glasses, stylish sunglasses, or an eye examination. Precise
Vision has the latest equipment to test all your eyecare needs.
Kathy Demertzis
Figtree NSW




I have done all my prescriptions at Precise Vision and I just want to say that my eyes were given the best care and treatment possible, Ray pretty much gave me my full vision with his fantastic and experienced eye assessments and prescribing me the most suitable, efficient, and appropriate prescription. I've bought prescription glass lenses, sun glasses, and contact lenses. Great quality, great service, and great prices. I feel like my eyes and me myself have been looked after 100%.


Phillip Semaan

Wollongong NSW




Precise Vision has been my Optometrist of choice for many years now and I have always been very happy with the professional and caring service I have received from Ramin and his team. My medical condition requires close supervision of my eye health with precise and professional attention requiring Retinal photography and OCT scans annually and reports sent to my doctor. Ramin has the expertise and the equipment necessary to achieve this. It is also critical that I have good frames and lenses that fit perfectly at a reasonable cost all of which is available at Precise Vision. I would not hesitate to recommend their service to anyone.


Margaret Lockwood

Port Kembla NSW.

Hi my name is Kerry, 

I suffer from an eye condition called Keratoconus. I have suffered from this eye condition for over 30 years and it has been a battle. I Have had a cornea graft on my right eye around 20 years ago and I have not got perfect vision even though I have had a graft. At this time I began to wear contacts in both eyes which over years of wearing these, my right eye has a nodule on my cornea as the contact had been rubbing on the cornea. These contacts would flick under my eyelids, move off my cornea, or just fall out of my eye, also would irritate my eyes causing them to go red and water, I could also feel them in my eyes. 

I recently was referred by my ophthalmologist to see Ramin Bayani at Precise Vision to see what could be done with my right eye. By this time my right eye with wearing my contact lens was irritating and causing my eye to go red and water which then was interfering with my life and work, because I could only wear the contact for short periods as it was painful.

I went to see Ramin Bayani at Precise Vision and literally I have not looked back. Ramin told me about a new contact lens called scleral contact lens which was suited for my Keratoconus. Ramin went through how it worked and how beneficial it was compared to my current contacts I was wearing. Ramin explained the scleral contact would not fall out, also I would not feel it in my eye as this contact sits on the white part of your eye not your cornea, my current contacts sit on my cornea. I was very sceptical at first, I had a few visits to Ramin at Precise Vision before I got the nerve to get a scleral contact for my right eye. Well, I can tell you it was magic, I love it, I can not feel it in my eye nor will it come out. I now have 20/20 vision in my right eye and I have never had that vision in my entire life. I am now living my life with better vision with this scleral contact lens, I would recommend this contact to anyone. I'm so happy I seen Ramin at Precise Vision, he has given me my life back.